Wealth Builders

Younger investors tend to have a long-term perspective and are willing to invest for the future. They are not seeking quick gains but prefer sustainable, long-term growth.

Wealth Builders

Helping you Build for the Future

Wealth Builders and younger investors represent individuals in their mid-thirties through to fifty who actively look for investment opportunities to achieve their financial goals and build long-term wealth. They are open to learning and seek reliable, long-term investment strategies aligning with their financial aspirations and risk tolerance.

We understand that this stage in your life is a constant balancing act financially and time-wise. With mortgages and children’s education requiring significant financial investment, long-term goals like planning for retirement or building wealth for the future can often seem distant.

However, midlife investors with a moderate to high-risk tolerance and a long-term perspective who are willing to invest for the future understand that investing earlier in life can offer the potential for significant returns over time.

Accompli Wealth can help younger clients achieve financial independence in the long term with a range of services that can be tailored to meet this life stage.

Our expertise lies in creating bespoke investment portfolios that include listed securities and managed investments. Our depth of knowledge across asset classes and investment categories sets Accompli Wealth apart.

Common Questions - Wealth Builders

How do Accompli Wealth tailor our services to meet the requirements of younger Wealth Builders?

Clients in this age bracket tend to be more capital-growth rather than income-oriented. Hence, investments are often recommended with this in mind whilst also considering the total likely investment returns.

What are the benefits of starting to invest now?

By starting to invest as soon as possible, the funds available for retirement or future generations will have more time to grow and experience the wealth-building effects of compound interest.

How does Accompli Wealth help with providing trustworthy information sources?

Accompli Wealth has access to a wide range of information and research reports from various share brokers and financial institutions. We also monitor a range of websites that represent trustworthy information sources. Research reports are available on request to clients, covering micro-capitalisation companies right up to the largest capitalisation Australian and global companies.

How does Accompli Wealth help new investors start and select suitable investments?

By assisting with the account opening processes and beginning with a managed investment or exchange-traded fund, which provides instant diversification, further diversifying into additional investments as the portfolio increases in value. Investments are recommended based on the client’s attitude to risk and desired asset allocation and in view of the prevailing economic environment.

How do we help Wealth Builders analyse and understand the performance of stocks?

Accompli Wealth can provide current research reports on stocks to keep clients abreast of how companies are performing.

How can Accompli Wealth help time-poor clients?

Our job at Accompli Wealth is to constantly monitor investment markets and contact you if any action needs to be taken concerning your investments. This is advantageous even for clients who may be experienced investors but struggle to monitor the market constantly.

How do Accompli Wealth help build an alternate income stream?

It is possible to target investments that provide a certain level of dividend or distribution income and, in this way, potentially create an alternate income stream.

Does Accompli Wealth offer strategies to improve portfolio diversification?

Yes, Accompli Wealth can help. Adequate portfolio diversification is always prudent in investing. However, it is essential to consider diversification in terms of asset allocation to the various asset classes and the number of individual investments and underlying sectors within each asset class. 

Experienced, Qualified, Knowledgeable. 

The Accompli Wealth Advantage

Giving our clients the best of both worlds

Financial planners generally focus their investment recommendations around managed funds, whereas full-service brokers specialise in listed securities. By combining specialist knowledge in both of these areas of advice, we offer a more comprehensive range of expertise to help and support our clients.

Accompli Wealth is deeply committed to helping clients manage, preserve, and grow their wealth, with over 25 years of experience in financial services. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional, we undergo extensive ongoing training, meet the Financial Advice Association of Australia’s experience requirements, and commit to the highest ethical standards when advising our clients.

Andrew Davies – Founder of Accompli Wealth


We specialise in evaluating a company’s current and potential performance for investment purposes and presenting this information to clients in a way that aligns with their knowledge.


Over 25 years of trading experience ensures new clients receive extensive support when constructing an investment portfolio that includes listed securities, ETFs, and managed investments.


Gain access to our knowledge and benefit from Accompli’s deep understanding of how the share markets function, exclusive industry research, and share market valuation methods.