Mature investors prioritise financial stability, income generation and more conservative investments that align with their post-retirement lifestyle.


Enjoy the Lifestyle you Deserve now

Retirees and mature investors comprise couples or individuals aged 65 and above who have left employment or are preparing to retire. Their priorities include ensuring a steady income stream during retirement, covering living expenses, healthcare, and potential travel or leisure activities, and preserving accumulated wealth and assets to secure a comfortable and worry-free lifestyle.

Retirement presents many new opportunities for lifestyle changes and access to various investment and income options. Accompli can help provide financial advice during this life stage, highlight suitable investment opportunities, manage your portfolio, and ensure you meet your specific post-retirement financial goals.

At Accompli Wealth, we can help you live for today, while maintaining confidence that you will be able to provide for your family in the future.

Common Questions - Retirees

How does Accompli Wealth tailor our services to meet the requirements of Retirees?

Clients in this age bracket view income as more important than capital growth. However, some capital growth is still desirable to maintain the actual value of the client’s portfolio, thus avoiding longevity risk (the risk that the client will outlive their capital).

It is essential to guard against the risk of significant falls in the value of the client’s portfolio as there is a reduced ability to regain lost returns in this life stage. Accompli Wealth is highly experienced in providing investment advice to SMSF clients.

How do we help with providing trustworthy information sources?

Accompli Wealth has access to a wide range of information and research reports from various share brokers and financial institutions. We also monitor a range of websites that represent trustworthy information sources. Research reports are available on request to clients, covering micro-capitalisation companies right up to the largest capitalisation Australian and global companies.

What processes or safeguards does Accompli Wealth have to ensure we work in clients’ best interests?

The best interests duty and related obligations are designed to ensure that retail clients receive advice that meets their objectives, financial situation and needs and that financial advisers act in the best interests of their clients when providing advice. Also, Accompli Wealth does not have relationships or associations with product providers and does not receive soft dollar benefits.

Can you provide investment advice regarding transitioning to retirement or part-time work?

With our background in financial planning, Accompli Wealth is well-placed to assist clients with strategies for transitioning to retirement or part-time work.

How does Accompli Wealth help manage during volatile times/market falls?

Accompli Wealth has experienced many periods of market turbulence and can help clients navigate through these volatile periods. A well-versed expression often holds true: “If you’re going to panic, panic early”. In other words, selling or redeeming investments is often best done as early as possible. However, monitoring the situation and seeing how things play out is often best, even potentially picking up some investment bargains.

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The Accompli Wealth Advantage

Giving our clients the best of both worlds

Financial planners generally focus their investment recommendations around managed funds, whereas full-service brokers specialise in listed securities. By combining specialist knowledge in both of these areas of advice, we offer a more comprehensive range of expertise to help and support our clients.

Accompli Wealth is deeply committed to helping clients manage, preserve, and grow their wealth, with over 25 years of experience in financial services. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional, we undergo extensive ongoing training, meet the Financial Advice Association of Australia’s experience requirements, and commit to the highest ethical standards when advising our clients.

Andrew Davies – Founder of Accompli Wealth


We specialise in evaluating a company’s current and potential performance for investment purposes and presenting this information to clients in a way that aligns with their knowledge.


Over 25 years of trading experience ensures new clients receive extensive support when constructing an investment portfolio that includes listed securities, ETFs, and managed investments.


Gain access to our knowledge and benefit from Accompli’s deep understanding of how the share markets function, exclusive industry research, and share market valuation methods.